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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Run Gracie, run...

Miss Gracie has lots of energy, loves to run, and chase her red ball.
* * *
It is finally getting warmer here and the snow has started to melt. The cranes are coming back and flying north and that means spring, soon...At least I can get out again and go for a walk with Gracie.
* * *
My favorite two Etsy stores right now are 2ndlife and annavee. Beautiful photography, handcrafts, and hand knitted items from Finland. Check it out.
* * *
Having another nephew and his girlfriend come from Germany at the end of this month for a one week visit. I haven't seen him in seven years. I am so excited...
* * *
P.S.: There seems to be a problem with the video. You might want to view it on my Flickr Photostream to the right or Facebook.


  1. Hallo Heidi,vielen dank für deine Besuch,ich habe mich sehr gefreut.Kommt wieder...
    Du bist ja weit weg.Ich liebe dein Bayern,am liebsten wurde ich dort wohnen,grins.
    Ich wunsche dir einen schöne rest Woche.Bussi,Luciene.

  2. Gracie looks as though she is having lots of fun in the snow. Enjoy your time with your nephew and his girlfriend. Regards, Nessie

  3. liebste heidi, deine gracie ist allerliebst.
    ich bin ja auch so vernarrt in hunde. ob gross,ob klein-ich liebe sie alle!!!
    und vielen dank, dass du wieder bei mir vorbeigeschaut hast.

  4. Nice to be able and get out in some warm, I have the motorcycle ready to go.Poor Lily rides in her puppy purse.

  5. So sweet of you to mention our shops, thank you Heidi!

    I went to Facebook to see your video. Little Gracie was looking so cute and excited! I love looking at dogs playing - no matter how nervous or sad I am, they will cheer me up. :)

    I hope your weekend has started well!

  6. Glad to read the cranes are heading north. This winter has been way to long. Danke!

  7. Hi Heidi,thanks for dropping by my blog..xx


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