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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Home in Bavaria

my brother's wife Monika, Cary and I

What I was dreaming of for a long time, our bread.

Wiener Schnitzel
at an old neighborhood inn
Another old tradition, snuff.
At these small neighborhood places, everyone is friendly and talks to you.

my brother Robert

Franconian Bratwuerste 

As you can tell, we had a great time in Germany.
Family, friends, and good food.
I miss it already.

All pics credit to my brother and his wife Monika.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

A few more pics from the wedding...

 with my sister and brother
 church ceremony

 Cary and I
 my son Chris
moi at the champagne reception

All credits of these pics go to my brother and his wife.
My sister-in-law Monika took the official wedding pics.
You can find her website here.

Next week I will have pics of all the wonderful trips we took while being home in Germany.
I miss it already.

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!
Take care, will see you soon!

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