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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard Dog

Had to get the heavy duty fleece coat out for Gracie. She is standing on top of 10 inches of frozen sleet and ice, try to shovel that, it is nearly impossible...That blizzard just about closed the whole city...so I was home for two days and it was nice...got caught up on many things...I hope this is the last snow storm of the season. I want spring!...
* * *
I am off to the airport in Indianapolis tomorrow to pick up my nephew. I haven't seen him in five years, way too long....
* * *
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.
* * *


  1. what a sweetie!

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral



  2. Liebe Heidi
    Du wohnst ja im Paradies! Die wunderschönen Bilder, die ich in Deinem Blog gefunden habe, sind soooo schön.
    Greetings from Switzerland Yvonne

  3. hallo heidi,
    schön, dass du auf meinem blog warst. ich musste mich sofort bei als "follower" verewigen.
    deine bilder sind ja so schön und dein umgebung ist auch herrlich. aber dein hündchen
    ist der allerbeste. der ist soo süss. ich komme
    jetzt öfters!
    herzliche grüsse aus österreich

  4. The dog looks so cosy - but 10" of snow and ice??!! Phew! Hope Spring comes for you soon. It's starting to, slowly, here :)

  5. Is Gracie a Chihuahua? She's adorable! So sorry about your weather -- it's about -10 degrees here with the wind blowing this morning, but is supposed to reach 20 degrees this afternoon. Heat wave!

  6. Das Hündchen ist ja allerliebst.Ich wünsche dir und deinem Neffen eine gute Zeit. Blizzard hier und Hurrican dort. Die Welt spielt im Moment verrückt. Liebe Grüße von Inge

  7. @Nancy...Gracie is a Rat Terrier, we rescued her three years ago...I am glad the bad weather did not come your way. Enjoy your day.

  8. I forget to put a coat on mine a lot. I found pink camoflague for her with a hood she never keeps up.I made foccacia bread and a couple loaves of whole wheat to bide the cold day along. I need to shovel a bit more today, we had 12.3 inches.

  9. Oh my goodness. She looks absolutely precious! So sweet.

  10. ><}}(°>
    Gung Hee Fat Choy!


    Good Luck in the
    Year of the Golden Rabbit!

  11. Aww, look how cute she is! She would have a hard time running around here in Finland, though. I mean, at the moment we have so much snow we don't know what to do with it. And it just keeps coming! When our two (quite big) dogs decide to jump into it, all we can see are their noses. Literally! :)

  12. liebe heidi,
    jetzt friert gracie aber bestimmt nicht mehr!
    wie ist denn inzwischen das wetter bei euch?
    hier ist schön kalt, aber sonnenschein!
    ich wünsch dir noch eine tolle zeit!
    herzliche grüße!

  13. Cute little Gracie. Enjoy your time with your nephew and stay warm.

  14. Your little blizzard pooch is adorable!


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