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Saturday, November 17, 2012

1st Class Clutter


One of my favorite vintage stores downtown Lafayette is 1st Class Clutter.

The owner Jan is a wonderfully sweet and gracious lady.

During the summer we spent our Friday lunch hour at Jan's store.

We had a great time browsing and buying.

Hope you like this photo trip through her store.
~ ~ ~

A little shack by the shore

Sells many treasures, antiques galore.

Teakettles tarnished with ripe age,

Books; Thin paged, and edges frayed,

Crystal glasses, pots and pans,

Bottles filled with shells and sand,

Vintage clothes, and jeweled pins,

Photo-Overflowing bins,

Slightly yellow, tiny pearls,

Porcelain dolls of beautiful girls,

Old fashioned shoes, and lots of lace

Eyeglasses in a beat up case.

See the sign that says ‘Open’ on the door,

Leads to all of these and many more,

At that antique shop on the beaten shore.

These treasures are no longer used,

And so are taken somewhere new.

To receive another chance at life,

And that life lies with you.

Though this generation is young, and we have a while to go,

There will come a day when we must grow old,

And in the end we all will loan,

Many antiques of our own.
by StephanieD

Monday, November 5, 2012

Who is the lucky one?

The winner of the little print is Sheri from Red Rose Alley.
Sheri please e-mail me your address, so that I can mail the print to you.

Fall and all its wonderful colors has arrived here and it is getting pretty cold. Hope you are all staying warm.

Took another trip to Indianapolis on Saturday. Trader Joe's, Stein Mart, german bakery and the mall at Keystone were on the agenda.

Very busy at work right now. Our office is being relocated. Friday is the big moving day.

Take care and have a good rest of the week.

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