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Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Wedding

 The Bride and Groom
 Andreas, my nephew

 goofy Bride
The Newlyweds

 Happy Couple with their Parents
 The couple with the groom's parents, sister and little niece
 little Sophie
 The guests

Beautiful table settings
 Real ivy place cards hand made by the bride

 The menu

 Beautiful flower arrangements
 beautiful pottery cups locally designed for the wedding as guest favors
 my grandniece Sophie
 my son Chris
 Wedding Soup

 Lots of dancing
My sister, brother and I

As you can see the wedding was a beautiful event.
There were about 120 guests.
Great conversations with people I just met and friends and family I haven't talked to in many years.
The weather cooperated and it was a gorgeous day.
Good food and drink.
A singer, DJ, and lots of dancing.
Wonderful in every way.
The last guests left at 5:30 in the morning.
Congratulations Christine and Andreas!
Continued happiness for your new life together.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The city of Kulmbach

Spaghetti Ice Cream at the Gelateria Sanremo
 Market Square in Kulmbach
 traffic free shopping

 our traditional Bavarian dress

 lots of outdoor dining and cafes
 Doener Kebap
David's Fountain

 Kulmbach is also know as the "Beer City"
 biker friendly

 chestnut blooms
 at my sister's house

I have been waiting for that Spaghetti icecream and Doener 
for a very long time.
Both were very delicious.
We enjoyed exploring this beautiful old city
and visited the castle another day.
I was gone for too many years
and realized how much I missed it.
Home sweet home!
Will have more pics soon.
Enjoy your weekend!

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