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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Raven's Roost

Lots of Fire-King

Raven's Roost is another vintage, antiques, and auction gallery in Lafayette.
Took a little stroll through there yesterday and took these pics for you.
Hope you enjoy looking at them!
It is a rather large place and one could spend hours there browsing.
They have a little bit of everything.
* * *
Well, guess what.
Another snow storm is on the way tomorrow. 
I have had enough! No more!!!...
Better enjoy the lovely Spring day we are having today.
* * *
Love Esther's blog. Check it out here.
* * *
Happy weekend to you! xoxo


  1. Paradise!
    I hope you'll have a nice weekend despite the snow! :)

  2. Oh, der Laden sieht ja schmuck aus!! Bestimmt kann man da Stunden verbringen....
    Ich wünsche dir von herzen, dass der Sturm nicht wirklich so schlimm ist, wie befürchtet. Wir alle hätten gerne Frühling!
    Herzlichste Grüsse

  3. So schön dieser Trödelladen. Da könnte ich Stunden darin verbringen liebe Heidi.

    Ich hoffe, dass nun auch bei euch bald der Frühling einzug hält.

    Herzliche Grüsse

  4. hallo liebe heidi,
    DAS wäre auch ein laden für mich. die haben ja überaus tolle sachen, wie ich sehe.... hmhm *schwärm* - danke dir für's zeigen!
    alles liebe und schönen sonntag

  5. A treasure trove Heidi..
    so much to choose from.
    I love the yellow tea pot..that I would have brought home with me. I love tea pots.
    When is this weather going to change.. Its just been non stop rain here for over a month now.
    And the US and UK have awful snow ..
    thanks for sharing these nice knick nacks.

  6. A eclectic store,looks a lot of fun.I likke the old kitchen cabinets, I had a home that had them. I remodeled and a friend refinnished the ones I didn't want and they were real nice.

  7. Great stuff. I see a duplicate of my Fire King polka dot bowl in one of the photos. We went antiquing this weekend too.

  8. Heidi,
    I love charming shops like this. I have always wanted to own a shop with home decor. There are so many goodies in here, I could shop for a long time! The clothes section caught my eye. I do hope spring comes your way soon. Happy Sunday.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  9. Heidi, hi
    Very nice pictures!!!
    And to me like antiques!
    I wish you a Happy Easter!
    many greetings


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