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Friday, March 30, 2012


I took these pics on our vacation to southern Indiana a few weeks ago. The weather turned extremely warm and made these beautiful and fragrant blooms come out in abundance. Sadly though, they don't bloom for a very long time...
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What are your favorite flowers?
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My favorite blog this week - Emilie's Daughter
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Book I am reading right now - Battles Lost and Won by Beryl Matthews
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Enjoy your weekend!
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Happy Spring!
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Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night. ~Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters of Rainer Maria Rilke


  1. Я не видела магнолию на яву. От вас узнала, что период цветения у них короткий. Спасибо за снимки и комментарий к ним.
    Не могу назвать любимые цветы.Их много!)) люблю полевые цветы.
    И вам приятных выходных!
    Мне приятно познакомиться с вашим блогом.

  2. hallo heidi,
    ich liebe magnolien. du hast hier eine wunderbare farbe eingefangen. meine im garten (bitte siehe meinen blog) sind weiss, aber blühen auch wunderschön!
    herzlichste grüsse

  3. The magnolias are almost gone in Germany, after a nice few warm days, we got grey and cold weather again. As for my favorite flower: the lily of the valley :)

  4. What lovely photos! Those Magnolias are such a beautiful colour.

    Hmm, my favourite flower? I have so many!
    A wonderfully scented pink Rose, or maybe a Peony in full bloom.I love pink cherry blossom and lavender, and....I could go on and on. :-)

    Thank you for visiting my blog Heidi, as it has enabled me to find yours too.

    It is really nice to meet you.

    - Susannah x

  5. Bellissime foto.
    Ciao Haidi buon fine settimana.

  6. Nice shots! Love the colour! I love flowers, all type.. all colours.. they make me happy! And your shots make me happy today! :)

  7. That pink on the dusty blue is beautiful. Imagine fabric or paper with a pattern like that.

  8. Pięknie zakwitły :)

  9. wow.. beautiful clicks :)

  10. Liebe Heidi,
    wunderschöne Bilder sind dir gelungen mit den schönen Magnolien auf dem blauen Himmel-Hintergrund. Bei uns gibt es zur Zeit keinen blauen Himmel, nur viele Wolken und kalt.
    Ein schönes Wochenende und liebe Grüße

  11. Those pictures are just lovely! My magnolia tree is in full bloom now. I think it's my favorite tree in the yard. My favorite flower? Roses.

  12. Beautiful pictures, Heidi !
    My favourite ... roses, old roses.

  13. Your magnolia pictures are beautiful, Heidi. I always love to visit with you. Coming over here is like a breath of fresh air. You take such lovely pictures. Oh, and I think you know my favorite flower - the red rose.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  14. These pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Spring has sprung!

  15. Beautiful! My tulip magnolia bloomed for the first time this year. I am in love. Thanks for sharing all your favorites. Bonnie

  16. Passei para visitá-la.
    Gostei muito de seu blog e de suas fotografias.
    Bom domingo de Ramos!

  17. Most beautiful Heidi! You captured the very essense of the magnolia blossoms.
    Sadly, our blooms came out too soon followed by a killer frost. There will be no blooms this year.
    My favorite flower would be the sunflower.
    Hugs Rosemary...xx

  18. Beautiful! Boy, I don't think I can choose a favorite...how about, whatever is blooming now ;)
    Happy Spring to you!

  19. Liebe Heidi
    Deine Magnolienbilder sehen wunderschön aus. Ein wahrer Frühlingstraum!
    Eine sonnige Woche wünscht Dir Yvonne

  20. Those are so beautiful! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!

  21. Magnolias are so beautiful. They're in full bloom here in UK and such a delight. Your photos really do them justice:-)

  22. Geierwalli? War das mal ein Heimatfilm? Oder ein Buch? Ich erinnere mich an Berge und Almen und viel Leid und Traenen, wie das eben mal so war in Heimatfilmen. Ach, wo ist die Zeit geblieben.

    Thank you for finding me and following me. I'm returning the favour herewith and hope that we'll share a comment now and then and perhaps even an email or two.

  23. Very beautiful Magnolias,

  24. Hi Heidi :) Thanks for your nice comment on my blog, and for following. I'm so happy to have found your blog too :)
    Love your photos! The magnolias are absolutely beautiful.

  25. Hello, Heidi.

      Your heartwarming work provokes my impression.
      The passion for the art.  It is universal.

      Thank you visit to the garden of the cherry blossoms.
      The prayer for all peace.

    Have a good weekend. From Japan, ruma ❀

  26. What exuberant blooms of magnolias! They look like singing the praise of their life of spring.

    Thanks for your visit. I’ll follow you, too. Thank you for the comment to my contribution post to “View Japan” which is shared by the three Japanese so far, too.


  27. Beautiful pictures!
    Thanks for following me.
    Magnolia is one of my favorites. It comes before the roses in the spring here.
    Here in eastern parts of Norway, it blooms on sunny place now.
    I had a Magnolia 'Susan a few years ago. I live in zone 5, that Magnolia can survive in. After five years, froze my beautiful Magnolia.
    I think they love to bathe in the sun!
    But I have many roses that thrive in my garden!
    Thanks for sharing!

  28. Such a pretty pink those magnolias. They always look beautiful. Regards, Nessie

  29. so beautiful! i can't say which are my favorite flowers, all are so beautiful :)


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