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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lucy Lu

Here is our big surprise. We named her Lucy. She has been too long at the Almost Home Humane Society, thank goodness it is a no kill shelter. She was picked up by Animal Control early December on a busy road. Now who would let a beautiful baby like her go? She did not have too many people looking at her, until I checked their website and the rest is history. Lucy found her forever home! ~
She is about four years old and gets along fine with our Rat Terrier Gracie, who was also rescued from the same shelter a little over four years ago.
So now we are owned by two little dogs.
~ ~ ~
I often stop to think about,
What my dog had went through.
She was adopted at the shelter,
And where she came from, no one knew.
You see, one can’t help but wonder,
Was she treated right?
Did she have a warm place to sleep,
Or was she kept outside all night?
Were there nights she went hungry?
I can’t imagine someone treating her wrong.
I wonder if she went without food,
I always pray it wasn’t too long.
Was she somebody’s best friend?
Did she get lost one day?
It’s just a question that I think sometimes,
If she could talk what would she say?
I know what she’d tell you now,
And it would put a smile on your face.
She’d tell you that she’s found her home,
And she’s happy in this place.
She’d also remind us, to remember,
That even though we may never find out,
The dog will always be grateful to you,
And that’s something you don’t have to doubt.
About the author: Savana Frame is a poet & dog lover from West Virgina. She enjoys taking photographs and playing with her kids, three of which are dogs. 
~ ~ ~
Happy Sunday to all! And to my friends in Europe, stay warm! 


  1. This warms my heart! I can tell by the ear posturing that Lucy is one happy little puppy. Thank you are giving one more sweet animal a forever home.


  2. A very cute pup, glad you were able to give her a home.

  3. EEEEK. I love her. Give her hugs and kisses for me. All my love to Gracie and Lucy Lu. A

  4. Lucy Lu is certainly adorable! It looks like you were meant to have her. Regards, Nessie

  5. She is GORGEOUS! And you are so great to give her a loving home. Can't wait to hear about her future adventures with Gracie!

    Yes, we are staying inside the house and keeping the cold away by the fireplace. I'm continuing with the home improvement, which is a good way to spend time when you can't really go out... :)

  6. Soulful - you and the pups!

    Warm Aloha from Hawaii
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


  7. Wonderful to meet you, sweet little Lucy! I am so glad Heidi chose you to share her home and life and it's super to see you also have a new Forever Furbaby Friend to help you settle in and to teach you everything she knows. You are such a lovely girl and I just know you're going to love your special family! I can see you've already stolen their hearts. Please come and visit us again. I love dogs and have five cherished fur babies of my own. Four of them are also rescues.

  8. ach du liebe zeit, ist die entzückend. und wenn sie dann noch zu eurem andern hund passt, ist die welt wieder in ordnung. du hast ein sehr, sehr gutes werk getan, dir lucie zu nehmen! du hat ein gutes herz...... danke!
    ganz liebe grüsse

  9. What a sweetheart, and how wonderful she has found a safe and loving home. She is a little like my own dearly loved Miss B, who is also white with brindle patches,and big upright ears that never miss a sound.

  10. what a cutie..
    She is so pretty
    enjoy and stay warm

  11. Lucky Lucy! She looks very happy - and she has such a lovely face. All our dogs have been rescue dogs; so many hard luck stories out there, all they need is a little love and they blossom into faithful and loving friends.

  12. Wonderful pics and wonderful story. Lucky Lucy, she looks happy!

  13. What a great collection of pictures of these lovely dogs. But I am prejudiced as I am a dog person :-)

  14. I am so thankful that you rescued this beautiful girl! She is adorable. What a sweet face. That is nice Gracie has a doggy friend now too! This warms my heart. Thank you!! We need more people in the world like you, Heidi!

  15. Heidi, Oh what a precious face! I am so happy you found each other. Our little Willie was a rescue, and we know he was not treated well. We've had him for over 4 years now. It was a difficult first year, but he is now doing well. I can't imagine not having him. How lucky we are to find these sweet babies.

  16. Lucy is so beautiful! I'm so glad that she has found a warm loving home!
    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful poem. We plan to get a pet at some point and we definitely will choose one from a shelter.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog.
    Have a great week!

  17. Hi Heidi, Thanks for visiting Peaches and Candy. Work has been crazy so the blog has not got as much attention as i would like.
    Lucy looks very at home in these photos such a great thing you have done. Have a great Day xxNat


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