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Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Summer Give-Away

As a thank you to all my wonderful blogger friends, I am having my first give-away. It is a fantastic summer cookbook, making light meals out of noodles, hot or cold dishes, meat or vegetarian.
The book uses imperial, metric, and US cup measurements.

The lucky winner will also receive a wooden Paula Deen spoon, to stir the pasta and a Food Network corkscrew for that special bottle of wine to go with the meal.

All you have to do is leave me a comment.

The winner will be drawn next Sunday, July 17th.

Good luck!!!

* * *

Going to Chicago for the day next Saturday.

Have a good week!


  1. Many compliments for the book and many thanks for the recipes that have made ​​!!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations from Italy !!!!!!! Elettra

  2. Liebe Heidi
    Herrlich Dein Kochbuch! Super!
    Einen wunderschönen Sonntag wünscht Dir Yvonne

  3. Yay! We all love a good cookbook, don't we! Just a couple of days ago I went to the library and borrowed a book on Greek food. Yesterday we already had some. :)

    A lovely idea! :)

  4. That book sure looks great.

  5. Slur pa few oysters at Shaws in the Chi town for me.I need to get over, I can take the train.I call noodles soul food, they are good for your soul.
    Steve Out on the prairie

  6. H, What a lovely give away idea. All my best and hugs. Have a great week. A

  7. So nice of you. In our house we love pasta and noodles. Have a great trip to Chicago!

  8. everything looks soooo yummy!!Hughs Anja

  9. A delicious contest! Very nice!

    Have a wonderful week!!

  10. oh yum. the recipe book looks fantastic!
    Have a great time in Chicago.

  11. hallo heidi,
    diese speisen sehen alle lecker aus....
    wie war es in chicago? bis du schon wieder zurück?
    ich denke, du wirst und fotos zeigen

    herzliche grüsse aus niederösterreich

  12. : )
    What a useful and sweet give-away.
    I`ll be glad to have that book.
    I wish you great time in Chicago.

  13. Liebe Heidi,

    ich liebe Nudeln und habe auch dementprechend viele Rezepte davon. Wünsche dem Gewinner viel Glück.
    Wünsche dir einen schönen Tag und ganz liebe Grüße

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  15. Dear Heidi,

    i hope i'm not too late...please add ma name;-))
    I like your giveaway... and i always enjoy your Blog!!!
    Hugs and greetings from Munich, Ursula


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