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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Daily Visitors

These days we have many "visitors" on our porch. Young chipmunks playfully chasing each other and birds fighting for a spot on the feeder. Always busy out there.

The weather has not been too nice so far. A few warm days with sunshine, but mainly cold and rain.
Lots of heavy thunderstorms today with hail and tornado warnings.

I bought quite a few flowers already and I need to get them planted quickly.

And soon we will be going on vacation. I can't wait to see the desert in bloom again and go horseback riding through the canyons.

Check out my friend Andrea's website, she is my favorite crafter and so talented.

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  1. I enjoyed your chipmunks and bird photos, I'm a nature lover. Great photography!

  2. Liebe Heidi
    Soooo süss, Deine "daily visitors". Ganz tolle Bilder!
    Frohe Ostern wünscht Dir Yvonne

  3. The squirrel is so cute, I love squirrels, we don't have them where I live now, in New Zealand, and I really miss them.

    Lovely photos


  4. These are such fun pictures, there seems to be a lot of activity in your garden. Enjoy your vacation and I hope you will post some pictures!

  5. hallo heidi,
    DAS sind tolle besucher! mich freut es auch immer, wenn im garten viele tiere sind....
    sie gehören einfach zu uns!!!
    ich wünsche dir ein schönes osterfest,
    liebe grüsse aus dem sonnigen österreich

  6. Hi, Heidi! Very cute photos! I love squirells!

  7. hello heidie, thank you for your nice coment on my blog.
    happy easter to you to.

  8. I so enjoy the return of all the birds and animals, we have a chipmunk that stays under our back porch all winter. I've yet to see him yet! :) I hear you about the weather it has done nothing but pour rain and thunder all night and is still going strong. Enjoy your vacation and takes lots of photos.
    Happy Easter.

  9. Fajne te chipmunk, ptaki też :)

  10. I just got in from checking all the flowers I have on the patio to go out in my gardens.I would be throwing that chipmunk a few peanuts just to see how much it can put in those cheeks.

  11. Das ist ja ein niedlicher Besuch. Ich wünsche dir ein frohes Osterfest und vielen Dank für deinen Besuch. Liebe Grüße von Inge

  12. Liebe heidi,
    über solch niedliche Gäste würd ich mich auch sehr freuen.
    Wünsche dir auch ein schönes Osterfest!
    Und danke für deine lieben Worte auf meinem Blog.
    Wünsch dir noch eine angenehme sonnige Woche!

  13. Thanks again for the blog shout out. I love your story of the porch visitors. I hope you get all of your flowers planted. Please send your rain to Texas because the state is on fire. We need the rain so very badly. Hugs. A

  14. Liebe Heidi
    Was für Besucher - toll die Fotos und danke für deinen Besuch bei mir! Du, auch ich wünsch dir von Herzen tolle und wunderbare Ostertage. Wie ist das Wetter bei euch? Bei uns eitel Sonnenschein und das seit Wochen - schon fast Sommer. Eigentlich schon schön, aber irgendwie plangen v.a. die Pflänzchen im Garten wieder einmal auf einen ganz gehörigen Gutsch Regen, richtig Regen!
    Sei lieb gegrüsst

  15. Your friends are delightful!!! It is always so nice to have visitors to watch. Hope you have a great holiday...sounds so fun.

    Thank you for visiting me the other day...your blog is lovely.

  16. Happy Easter Heidi, thanks for stopping by my blog.

  17. So cute. Those look like adorable visitors.

    I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend, Heidi! :)

  18. Hallo Heidi
    Du hast ja süße Besucher, allerliebst.
    Schön Deine Fotos.
    Wünsche Dir schöne Ostertage.
    LG Regina

  19. Lovely visitors, Heidi, so cute !
    Wish you a Happy Easter,

  20. Love your pictures of the chipmunks and birds. Spring is a lovely time of the year. Happy Easter! Regards, Nessie

  21. Gracias por tu visita a mi blog... tienes unas bellísimas fotografías. Un saludo

  22. Oh, your visitirs are so sweet. I saw today in the news about the storm in the USA. I hope everything with and around you is ok. Take a care, Heidi!

  23. @Diana...We are fine, luckily the storms did not do much damage here. Thank you for thinking of me my dear friend.

  24. These little animals are adorable ... congratulations to Andrew for houses!


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