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Friday, October 1, 2010

Meet Miss Gracie

Here are a few more pics of Gracie, the Rat Terrier, enjoying the sunshine.
We rescued her almost three years ago from the Almost Home Humane Society.
They found her starving, covered in fleas and dog bites, and having recently had a litter.
I do not know what happened to the puppies.
They had named her "Pearl" and that is her middle name now.
The day I went to the shelter was the same day she was returned from Foster Care and the rest is history.
We celebrate her rescue date as her Birthday.


  1. Thank goodness you rescued her. It makes me really happy to know she has a wonderful home now. She looks so happy and comfy on her bed. Beautiful.

  2. Happy Birthday to Gracie Girl. Love your pictures of Gracie.

  3. Gracie is adorable! Looks like she has a large heart shaped marking in the last photo. :)

  4. She's a cutie! She reminds me of the very first dog I had as a child. Ours was a Toy Fox Terrier but looked very much like Gracie.

  5. liebe heidi,
    danke dass du mir heute so einen netten kommentar hinterlassen hast.
    ich komme immer wieder gerne zur, aber deine
    gracie "liebe" ich inzwischen heiss.
    schönen tag und ♥liche grüsse


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