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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Indian Food

I love vegetarian Indian food. These are some of the ingredients I needed to make a "Dal", one of my favorites. Luckily we have many asian markets in town and I have quite a few indian friends. They are always helpful when I have questions. Thank you Malathi, Roopa, Alka, and Vyju.
We also have an Indian Take Out place in town, it is called Shaukin and they deliver Tiffin whenever we feel like it at work. Their food is delicious! My all-time favorite is Palak Paneer, it is so good. And my favorite dessert is Shrikhand.
What kind of food do you like?...What is your favorite?...


  1. Wish I knew more about Indian food. I love pizza, but that really isn't a ethnic group.

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